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Managing Knee Pain to Improve Mobility

Managing Knee Pain to Improve Mobility

Knee pain can literally stop you in your tracks. When your knee joints are hurting, standing up, sitting down, walking, and even laying down can be difficult. The pain can be enormously debilitating. While some patients respond well to physical therapy or surgical intervention and recover mobility, many do not. If physical therapy has not improved your mobility and you’re unable to have surgery, then managing your knee pain may require alternative interventions.

Why Do I Have Knee Pain?

Most knee pain is caused from sports injuries, overuse of the joint, extra pressure or weight on the knee, or arthritis. The pain can be from a torn ligament (ACL or MCL) or from the cartilage wearing away that which cushions the moving parts of the knee joint. While sometimes pain will resolve on its own or with a few days’ rest accompanied by icing and compression, many knee injuries are more serious.

How Do I Know What’s Wrong with My Knee?

If you tear your ACL or MCL, the injury will be accompanied by a loud popping sound, pain, and almost immediate swelling. You may also develop stiffness in the knee as well as instability. Arthritis in your knee may also cause pain, stiffness, and swelling. If you’re an athlete or play sports, such as football, basketball, or soccer, regularly, the wear and tear that occurs to your knees will become apparent in the way it impacts your athleticism. The only way to determine for sure what is wrong with your knee is to see your physician. They will conduct a physical exam, assess your medical history, and may order an MRI or other scans to determine the damage.

Treatment for Knee Pain

Ligament tears are treated based on their severity. Minor tears may only require RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for a few weeks; serious tears may require surgery. Recovery can take from a few weeks to a few months, but for some people, physical therapy doesn’t resolve the knee pain. For a number of reasons, some people are simply unable to have surgery, whether due to health or because their injury has not yet reached the level of degradation required to qualify for surgery. No matter what initial treatment you receive for knee pain or a knee injury, if you are unable to achieve the level of mobility you were accustomed to, additional pain management techniques may be required.

How Spine LLC Helps You Manage Knee Pain and Regain Mobility

You don’t have to live in pain. We offer a variety of treatments to help you resolve your knee pain and resume a level of activity that contributes to your overall wellness. We help you devise a self-care plan to support your journey. From steroid injections, to help relieve pain as you work through our physical rehabilitation program, to innovative regenerative treatments, we will work with you and your physician to develop a customized pain management plan that gets you back on your feet.

Reclaim Your Life

At Spine LLC, our focus is on giving our patients the ability to reclaim their lives through better pain management, more innovative healing therapies, and increased mobility. We specialize in treating pain conditions with a spectrum of proven therapy options ranging from conventional procedures to the latest technology- and science-based approaches.

If you are struggling with arthritis pain, pain from a sports injury or accident, or other chronic joint pain, talk to your primary care physician today for a referral to our specialized pain management clinic and to arrange for a consultation. Let us determine which approach might be most effective for you.

Step away from chronic pain.

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