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  • Dr Batra was my pain doctor for almost 10yrs - I have herniated discs and Dystonia. He is personable and most professional when it comes to his patients. He spends a great deal of time finding the best treatment options for pain relief. I recently moved home to NC. I will miss Dr Batra and his staff...
    -Jennifer Hoover
  • After years of being bounced around from one pain dr to another I finally got blessed and landed at Dr. Batra’s office! He’s unlike most pain medicine doctors in the sense that he actually seems to care. We would discuss pain treatment and long term treatment. He is the reason I am back driving ...
  • I had suffered a sports injury from when I played soccer in college, and that started showing its strain many years later. I couldn't life heavy objects and sometimes had a searing pain in my right leg. I got it checked by Spine LLC and with their exercise regime and pain management techniques, I am...
    -Anonymous, 42
  • It was quite difficult for me to live with the joint pain, some days I just couldn't get up from bed. But ever since I have consulted Dr. Nikesh Batra, I have found great relief from the pain and have been able to walk an hour everyday, that's a great achievement for me.
    -Anonymous, 39
  • Spine LLC has helped me deal with my constant back pain. I couldn't even sleep in one position and started showing signs of insomnia. Dr. Nikesh Batra and his team helped me ease the pain without going for the surgery I had been dreading all this while. Thank you so much, Spine LLC.
    -Anonymous, 65

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