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What Kinds of Pains are Treated at Spine LLC?

At Columbus Spine Care, we help patients cope with back, joint, spinal pain and any other muscular or pain in the bones caused by injuries or accidents. We rehabilitate pain patients and help them manage their pain on a day-to-day basis so they don't feel burdened by their pain and can engage in their daily activities with the same enthusiasm and energy as everyone else.

Do I Need an Appointment to Come to Spine LLC?

We see patients on an appointment-basis only, and walk-ins are generally not encouraged. Making an appointment is easy. You have to call before you drop in and our administrative assistant will guide you through the simple admission process and take all your information before you come in, so that your visit is easy.

What Regular Exercise do you Recommend for Chronic Back Pain?

There could be several causes to back pain. Causes range from infections, injuries to any mechanical problem related to build and lifestyle. Because of varied reasons for back pain, different types of exercises are recommended for patients. Those with less than chronic pain can do exercises that involve lying flat on the back on a lightly padded mat. Pulling the knees close to the chest while lying down helps relax the lower back and legs. Hamstring stretches are important for people suffering from sciatica pain. It is generally advised to do aerobic exercises or yoga to help relax and strengthen muscles. Do not engage in any exercises without first consulting a doctor.

What are the Warning Signs of Arthritis?

When you find it difficult to do everyday tasks like walking, running, bending or sitting for a long time, you should get yourself checked for arthritic pain. In Arthritis, joints are stiff and any task that involves a little bit of strength like climbing the stairs or opening a tight jar cause pain in the joints. Sometimes, in arthritic pain, the skin becomes red and swollen.

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