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  • Pain Management: Don’t Accept a Life in Pain

    Pain Management: Don’t Accept a Life in PainWhile pain is a part of life, living with chronic pain should not be – and does not have to be. There are so many times when a patient comes to us after suffering with joint pain for months, if not years, only to realize that a solution exists.

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  • Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Be Used to Treat Arthritis?

    Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Be Used to Treat Arthritis?Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative outpatient treatment used to help relieve chronic pain, such as pain associated with arthritis. What makes PRP injections so unique is that they are created using your own plasma. By using your own blood, the injections help to enable your own body’s healing capability, without any chance of reaction.

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  • What Is Regenerative Medicine?

    regenerative medicine can promote tissue healing to eliminate joint painRegenerative medicine is an innovative method for treating and managing joint pain. It encourages the damaged tissue to heal more rapidly, whether the damage is due to disease, repetitive use, or a sports injury. The theory driving the growth in regenerative medicine is that by using the body’s own healing properties, treatment – and pain reduction – can be accelerated. The thought behind regenerative medicine is to use the body’s natural healing properties and to accelerate them. The goal of regenerative therapy is to heal injured tissue and not just mask the pain, and regenerative medicine can greatly reduce the need for surgery.

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  • More Than Pain Management: Spine LLC Improves Patient Lives

    More Than Pain Management: Spine LLC Improves Patient LivesSpine LLC provides a valuable service to the Columbus area. We help patients manage pain effectively, treating those who have exhausted the resources available to them from chiropractors and physical therapists but who are not eligible for or capable of achieving surgical solutions. Pain management, particularly for those patients who have exhausted surgical or therapeutic options, can have a significant impact on improving quality of life. However, there is more to wellness and quality of life than just pain management.

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