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  • Chronic Intractable Lower Back Pain Management

    You do not have to live with chronic intractable lower back pain. If conservative measures have failed to resolve the pain, do not give up on trying to find treatments for your pain.

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  • Physical Rehabilitation and Pain Management

    We address pain management from many angles, but once we’ve been able to address the source of the pain with our intervention methods – injections, nerve root blockers, peripheral nerve stimulation, and other treatments – and bring your pain under control, physical rehabilitation then helps you take important steps toward resuming your normal level of activity and enjoying your life free of pain.

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  • Pain Management with Active Therapy

    Active Therapy and Pain Management Active therapy is an important part of your pain management journey. Active therapy not only reduces pain but improves mobility and quality of life.

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  • Pain Management for a Herniated Disc

    Spine LLC offers comprehensive treatment for CRPS Pain management for a herniated disc or a pinched nerve can help you get back to enjoying your life. The pain that patients with herniated discs experience can limit mobility and lead to other issues with regard to walking and participating in physical activities.

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  • Living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Spine LLC offers comprehensive treatment for CRPSComplex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a rare but painful condition for which early treatment can prevent the progression of the disease.

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