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Pain Management for Injuries

Pain Management for Injuries

Whether you’ve endured a sports injury or been in a car accident and continue to suffer from the repercussions, you do not have to continue living in pain. There are treatments available to help you regain the quality of life you once had.

Opioids Are Not the Answer

For many people who are injured in an accident, the initial treatment includes prescription pain medication. However, when opioids are prescribed as a chronic treatment for pain, they mask the underlying injuries so that the patient is not able to fully recover. Living pain pill to pain pill and believing that there are no other options for pain management for injuries can doom you to a poor quality of life and even impact your mental health when you are unable to resume your favorite activities.

Treating the Whole Patient

Even if your pain is the result of a sports injury or motor vehicle accident, it is important to look holistically at your pain experience, health, and lifestyle, in order to develop a treatment that will help you improve your mobility and quality of life. There are many treatments that can be used together to treat the whole patient. From physical and active therapy to innovative injection therapies, there are many options available to help you not just manage your pain but help repair that which is causing your pain in the first place. A pain management specialist can tailor a treatment plan to the needs of the individual, based on the kind of injury endured. Pain management specialists recognize the need for immediate action, as well as the need of the patient to recover full functionality without major procedures.

Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

When patients experience pain from a progressive disease like osteoarthritis, they are often more mentally prepared for the pain. When an accident disrupts your otherwise healthy and active lifestyle, it can take a huge toll on your life, impacting your job, your hobbies, your home life, and your attitude. The sooner you seek help in treating your pain, the sooner you can regain control over your life and get back to living.

At Spine LLC, we work closely with our patients, listening to their needs and paying attention to the ways in which their pain impacts their lives. We tailor our pain management for injuries to help improve mobility and return them to the lifestyle to which they were accustomed, as quickly and safely as possible, using both traditional and innovative treatments.

Don’t Let Your Injury Stop You from Living

If you’re struggling with an injury, you don’t have to live with the pain. At Spine LLC, our focus is on giving our patients the ability to reclaim their lives through better pain management for injuries, more innovative healing therapies, and increased mobility. We specialize in treating pain conditions with a spectrum of proven therapy options ranging from conventional procedures to the latest technology- and science-based approaches. Talk to your primary care physician today for a referral to our specialized pain management clinic and to arrange for a consultation. Let us determine which approach might be most effective for you.

Step away from chronic pain.

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