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Ilio-Inguinal & Other Neuropathies

Ilio-Inguinal neuropathy is a rare condition that causes disability in patients. The condition arises on its own or after pelvic surgery. The disorder is characterized by sharp, shooting pain originating at the anterior superior iliac spine and radiating to the groin. Ilioinguinal neuralgia is a neurological disorder due to lesions or dysfunction of this nerve and is accompanied by pain and neurological deficits in region of the ilioinguinal nerve. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to treat ilio-inguinal neuropathy, involving steroid injections and consistent pain diagnosis along with physiotherapy.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

The intense pain that occurs after back (spinal) surgery is called failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). Factors that contribute to the back pain are recurrent disc herniation, persistent post-operative pressure on spinal nerve, altered joint mobility, joint hypermobility with instability, scar tissue, spinal muscular deconditioning and anxiety. Failed back surgery is a misnomer as it includes a heterogeneous group of disorders that have in common pain symptoms after lumbar surgery. Treatments for FBSS range from physiotherapy to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, behavioral medicine, membrane stabilizers, and spinal cord stimulation. Instead of opting for unnecessary surgery that might complicate matters, it is important to look at several existing pain management procedures without the risk for complications.

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