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Injuries can occur anywhere – on the sports field, at home or at work. These injuries are often the cause of several aches and pains in the body, whether the ache is in the bone or the nerve or joint. When an injury lasts for more than a few weeks, it is time to consult a doctor for pain management. The more physically demanding work people do, the more they may be at risk for meeting with accidents. It is very important to be seen by a doctor immediately after an injury. Work or sports injuries cause equal damage and need to be checked out immediately. Simply using heating pads or cold therapy may be fruitless until the exact extent of the damage is determined.

A pain management specialist can tailor make a treatment plan based on the kind of injury endured by the individual. Pain management specialists recognize the need for immediate action, as well as the need of the patient to recover full function without major procedures.


It is very difficult to get used to any kind of pain, especially a pain as crippling as chronic lower back pain. Back pain can result from a simple muscle pull to an injury or fall. Many times, it will resolve itself in two to four weeks, with ample rest and heating or cooling therapy. But several people experience incessant and chronic back pain that numbs them and causes them to alter their lifestyle according to the demands of the aches and pains.

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