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Neck Pain

Muscle strain or soft tissue sprains often lead to neck pain. Cervical degenerative disc disease, cervical herniated disc and cervical stenosis lead to neck pain. In several cases chronic neck pain is an indicator of an underlying systemic problem. Bone or joint abnormalities, poor posture, excessive strain on the neck, are some of the causes of chronic neck pain. Accidents or injuries to the neck may also lead to long-lasting pain in the neck.

Neck pain often travels down to the shoulder and hands. Along with regular exercises, several interventional pain management therapies help improve the patient's condition. Neck pain is often the result of stress, anxiety, injury or lifting excessive weight. It is also a result of back or sciatica pain traveling up to the neck. It often makes it difficult to do normal work - standing or sitting for a long time. Neck pain needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Pain resulting from a whiplash or cervical spondylosis must be treated different. At Spine Care LLC, we understand the need to vary treatment according to the cause, symptoms and patient's history. Along with the treatment, it is also important to exercise the neck on a regular basis, depending on the discussion with the physician. Do not start any exercise without the advice of the physician.


  • Tenderness in the neck
  • Muscle spasm
  • Dull ache or electric shock feeling
  • Pain traveling to shoulders
  • Frequent headaches


  • Awkward posture
  • Lack of exercise/movement
  • Sleeping awkwardly
  • Carrying heavy load on one side of the body
  • Trauma from accident or impact


  • CT scanning
  • Spinal X-ray
  • Checking for tingling in the body
  • Complete medical history
  • Testing reflexes and neurological testing


Headaches are often triggered by tension and migraines. These are a result of a stressful lifestyle or neurological imbalances. Headaches occur all across the forehead, scalp, head and face. Migraine episodes are often frequent and are triggered by hormonal imbalance, neurological problems, sleep deficiency and addictive behaviors. Headaches can also be a result of a heavy blow to the head or accidental injury.

People tend to consume several pain pills for headaches, on a regular basis. Thus, giving rise to a problem of medication addiction. As pain management specialists, we aim to reduce the intake of medicines for headaches and help with alternative therapy and interventional pain management techniques. We administer aggressive initial treatment, with regular follow-ups. Meditation, massage therapy, herbal treatment and electrical stimulation have shown to have the most effective impact on treating frequent and chronic headaches.

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