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An uncommon form of chronic pain that affects the arm or leg or some other part of the body. CRPS develops after a surgery, heart attack or an injury. The most common symptom of CRPS is continuous, intense pain that gets worse over time. It causes motor disability and lack of motor response. There are changes to the skin, nails and hair. Joints also become stiff and there is increased swelling in joints. Instead of waiting till the pain gets worse, it is better to see a pain management specialist as soon as any pain manifests.

Symptoms of CRPS include a burning feeling in the affected area, often long after a person has experienced an injury. The skin of the area is tender, swollen, and sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. There is a stiffness in joints and it hurts to engage in physical labor. The limb might also experience a loss of mobility. All of these combine to cause pain and increased sensitivity in the affected area especially legs or hands.

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